Training Calendar

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Date Theme Title Type Duration
02/03/2020 Product Development Make-Up Course Training B2B4C 21 days
02/03/2020 Regulatory Affairs Make-Up Course Training SFC 21 days
17/03/2020 Commercial Training B2B4C 1 day
18/05/2020 HSQE Congress Communication Skills Training B2B4C 1 day
18/06/2020 Ingredients Getting to Know Cosmetic Ingredients Training SFC (4 demi-journées à distance) soit 2 day
16/09/2020 Product Development Skincare: Identify and Understand the Key Textures Training SFC 2 days
21/09/2020 Marketing & Communication New consumer expectations & trends in the Beauty and Well-being Markets (France in priority; USA, China, Japan) Training B2B4C 1 day
22/09/2020 Product Development Sensorial Analysis and its Integration into Product Development Training SFC 1 day
01/10/2020 Product Development MakeUp: Panorama of the Essential Galenicals Training SFC 2 days
06/10/2020 Ingredients Pharmacognosy : the use of plants in cosmetics Training SFC 1 day
07/10/2020 Industry Newcomer Cosmetics for Newcomers - The Basics in 3 days Training SFC 3 days
08/10/2020 Personal development Cutting Edge Management Training B2B4C 2 days
12/10/2020 Product Development Formulation and Evaluation of Sun Products Training SFC 1 day
13/10/2020 Ingredients Natural and Organic Ingredients: from Ingredient to Formula Training SFC 1 day
14/10/2020 Biology Sensitive Skin, Allergy and Evaluation Methods Training SFC 1 day
15/10/2020 Product Development Knowledge of Plastic Materials - Content-Container Interactions Training SFC 1 day
15/10/2020 Food supplements Regulatory overview of nutricosmetics Training B2B4C 1 day
16/10/2020 Marketing & Communication Retail strategies for cosmetic brands and changes in the french retail Training B2B4C 1 day
02/11/2020 Biology Skin Aging and Trends Training SFC 1 day
03/11/2020 Product Development Design and develop a range of dermo-cosmetic products Training SFC 2 days
04/11/2020 Personal development The Art of Effective Meeting Training B2B4C 1 day
05/11/2020 Marketing & Communication Linkedin Training B2B4C 1 day
06/11/2020 Marketing & Communication Sustainable packaging strategies Training B2B4C 1 day
09/11/2020 Product Development Design a range of skincare products related to different beauty routines Training SFC 2 days
10/11/2020 Marketing & Communication Private Label strategy in the Beauty and Well-being sector Training B2B4C 1 day
16/11/2020 Biology Skin and Microbiota Training SFC 1 day
17/11/2020 Biology Level 2: Skin Physiology, from cell to organ Training SFC 2 days
24/11/2020 Biology Hair, Nails and Eyelashes Training SFC 2 days
24/11/2020 Marketing & Communication Project management in the development of cosmetic products Training B2B4C 1 day
25/11/2020 Personal development The Art of Objections Reframing Training B2B4C 1 day
26/11/2020 Product Development Products for Hair and Scalp Training SFC 2 days
01/12/2020 Product Development Effectively write development Product specifications Training SFC 1 day
01/12/2020 Personal development Enhance Performance and Productivity Training B2B4C 1 day
02/12/2020 Product Development How to write your own formulation rules Training SFC 1 day
03/12/2020 Food supplements Food supplements : the basics Training B2B4C 2 days
08/12/2020 Marketing & Communication Beauty Devices: Analysis of an Emerging Sector Training SFC 1 day
09/12/2020 Regulatory Affairs Cosmetic Claims & Tests Training SFC 1 day
10/12/2020 Regulatory Affairs Safety Evaluation and Tolerance of Cosmetics Products Training SFC 2 days
14/12/2020 Marketing & Communication How to build Innovation for skincare products Training B2B4C 2 days
22/06/2021 Biology Level 1: Cellular and Skin Biology adapted to Cosmetics Training SFC 2 days

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