B2B4C Connexions offers professional training courses under the auspices of the French Society of Cosmetology (SFC). Working in partnership, the two organisations jointly develop the annual catalogue of training courses, guaranteeing scientific and technical excellence.

Attentive to the needs of the cosmetics industry, the training courses are pragmatic and in tune with market needs. By capitalising on human potential, they offer companies a true competitive advantage.

Below are the training courses that are currently underway in France. They can be carried out in English upon request (Contact).

  • Biologie Biology
  • Developpement produit Product Development
  • Ingrédients Ingredients
  • Marketing & Communication Marketing & Communication
  • Nouvel Entrant Industry Newcomer
  • Reglementation Regulatory Affairs

SFC Training Catalogue

Printable version   Catalogue 2020

Date Theme Title Location Duration
02/03/2020 Product Development Make-Up Course INTRA ENTREPRISES 21 days
07/10/2020 Industry Newcomer Cosmetics for Newcomers - The Basics in 3 days Neuilly sur Seine 3 days
12/10/2020 Product Development Formulation and Evaluation of Sun Products Neuilly sur Seine 1 day
02/11/2020 Biology Skin Aging and Trends Neuilly sur Seine 1 day
03/11/2020 Product Development Design and develop a range of dermo-cosmetic products Neuilly sur Seine 2 days
09/11/2020 Product Development Design a range of skincare products related to different beauty routines Neuilly sur Seine 2 days
16/11/2020 Biology Skin and Microbiota Neuilly sur Seine 1 day
17/11/2020 Biology Level 2: Skin Physiology, from cell to organ Neuilly sur Seine 2 days
24/11/2020 Biology Hair, Nails and Eyelashes Neuilly sur Seine 2 days
26/11/2020 Product Development Products for Hair and Scalp Neuilly sur Seine 2 days
01/12/2020 Product Development Effectively write development Product specifications Neuilly sur Seine 1 day
02/12/2020 Product Development How to write your own formulation rules Neuilly Sur Seine 1 day
08/12/2020 Marketing & Communication Beauty Devices: Analysis of an Emerging Sector Neuilly sur Seine 1 day
09/12/2020 Regulatory Affairs Cosmetic Claims & Tests Neuilly sur Seine 1 day
10/12/2020 Regulatory Affairs Safety Evaluation and Tolerance of Cosmetics Products Neuilly sur Seine 2 days
22/06/2021 Biology Level 1: Cellular and Skin Biology adapted to Cosmetics Neuilly sur Seine 2 days
20/09/2021 Product Development Skincare: Identify and Understand the Key Textures Neuilly sur Seine 2 days