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B2B4C Connexions Academy proposes a series of training courses on specific topics, carried out by experts of the cosmetics industry. In addition to our own sessions, we have been responsible for the training courses of the French Society of Cosmetology since January 2018.

Our tailor-made training courses are developed according to the specific needs, practices and customs of your company. We assist you in finding global, specific and operational solutions for your training projects.

The training courses target a wide range of professions in the field of cosmetics, including R&D, innovation, products, quality, regulatory affairs, communication, marketing, business development and human resources.

B2B4C Connexions is registered as an official training body under the number 11788321378 (France).

SFC Training Catalogue

Printable version   Catalogue 2021

Date Theme Organism Title Location Duration
04/01/2021 Product Development b2b4c-sfc Make-Up Course INTRA ENTREPRISES 21 days
01/09/2021 Product Development b2b4c Make-Up Course INTRA ENTREPRISES 21 days
25/11/2021 Product Development sfc Products for Hair and Scalp Neuilly sur Seine 2 days
02/12/2021 Food supplements b2b4c Food supplements : the basics A DISTANCE 2 days
07/12/2021 Product Development sfc Solid Cosmetics: Best of Art and Perspectives A DISTANCE 1 day
14/12/2021 Product Development sfc Design a range of skincare products related to different beauty routines Neuilly sur Seine et à distance 2 days
15/12/2021 Biology sfc Hair, Nails and Eyelashes A DISTANCE 2 days